Saturday, April 21, 2007

We've been visiting Louisville, Kentucky for $37

All three of my daughters are seriously horse crazy. More than half of the books they check out of the library are about horses, both fiction and non-fiction. Starting three or four years ago it became a family tradition to watch the Kentucky Derby. This year the Kentucky Derby will be run at Churchill Downs on May 5th.

A couple weeks back I signed up for The Courier Journal. This is the Louisville, Kentucky paper. We started getting it last week. By way of information, papers coming third class mail tend to come in bunches, and often out of order.

Every time the paper comes my second daughter goes straight to the sport section and reads every article about horse racing. My oldest daughter is a bit more sedate. She'll read all the articles, but isn't in the same hurry. After the oldest girl reads the articles, our second daughter will cut them out and save them. Then she will recount in detail much of what she read to anyone who will listen.

I've encouraged my daughters to read other parts of the paper. So far the second biggest attraction has been the comics. Maybe at some point they'll branch out and read some of the local news.

This year the Kentucky Derby will be much more interesting for my daughters. They already know many more details about the horses than in years past.

I remarked back in October that it seems some areas of the country have certain focuses. The Anchorage Daily News had tons of articles about oil. I've been surprised that The Courier Journal doesn't have more news on horses. I've only read four or five issues so far, but it seems like the paper has a pretty normal selection of news.

If there is some place you are interested in knowing more about or considering moving to, it is relatively cheap to get the paper via third class mail for a month.

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