Thursday, March 14, 2013

Space Access 2013 is just around the corner

My father and I have a deep interest in space travel.  I grew up reading his high science fiction collection.  Traveling to the planets and eventually the stars has great appeal.  After retirement my father started attending various space conferences.  Space Access became his favorite.

I'll be attending the conference again this year with my father and one of my daughters.

I like my brother's explanation of 
Space Access:

There are lots of people thinking about getting into space. There are lots of people who talk about getting into space. Space Access is run by people who are doing the work.

This conference has entrepreneurs and people who are looking for practical steps to move into space.  It has the same feel as Silicon Valley in the late 1970s before many small start-up companies just exploded into national and international statue. 

This year's Space Access will be held this year in Phoenix from April 11 to the 13th.  If you want to know more about what is happening in the space industry this is a great conference to attend.  The cost is a bargain at only $120.

If you are interested in what happens at Space Access you can check out some of my notes from previous conferences:  2012, 20102009, 20082007.

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