Friday, March 15, 2013

Anyone using the AVID note taking system?

I'm fairly happy with how I take notes.  It isn't real structured, but I feel like I capture the most important points.

In Reforming a nation of bad note-takers Jay Matthews writes about a technique for taking notes.  He explains the basic approach as:

The note-taking system taught by AVID was developed by Cornell University education professor Walter Pauk in 1949. The student divides a sheet of note paper into two columns, the one on the right twice as wide as the one on the left. The student adds a horizontal line about two inches from the bottom of the page.

The student take notes in the right column, using a number of symbols and abbreviations. Questions and key words go in the left column. Afterward, the student reviews the notes, revises and adds questions and a brief summary at the bottom of the page.

If you are using AVID, or some other systematic approach to note taking, I would appreciate your thoughts and insights.

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