Friday, March 15, 2013

Thoughts about the changing nature of higher education

In School 2.0: teachers will be liberated from the classroom Miro Kazakoff shares his predictions on what the future holds for higher education.  He starts with:

Somewhere, this year, a university hired its last tenured professor. That’s because of the economic pressures on higher education. Next year, a university will hire its last faculty member expected to teach in a classroom. And that’s because of the technological pressures on higher education.

Technology won’t kill university education any more than television killed radio, but it will transform it. While your kids will still go to college, and it will still cost a fortune, their study time will look radically different than it does today. Even though our university classroom teachers may be replaced with robots, websites or direct-to-brain Ethernet jacks, on-campus higher education will still have a place that no Massive Open Online Course will supplant in our lifetime.

To understand why the future won’t kill college, it helps to remember how technology has already transformed education.

I enjoyed his column.  He has some interesting ideas.


John@android tablet said...

I don't know but everyone has the right on higher education and why would some people take it away. I might say, selfishness is the only reason people want to implement such a crap.

Henry Cate said...

For me the point of Miro's column was that new technology is allowing the cost of higher education to drop so it will be easier for more people to get an education.