Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Chem Lab Camp Day 7

Continuation from Chem Lab Camp Day 1, Chem Lab Camp Day 2, Chem Lab Camp Day 3, Chem Lab Camp Day 4, Chem Lab Camp Day 5, Chem Lab Camp Day 6 and Lab Sciences.

For one of tomorrow's experiments we need animal blood.  I went to my local grocery store (Lucky) and was told that it was against company policy to share it because it was a bio-hazard.

As I was discussing this with a manager, a man walked past with a toddler in his cart.  He stopped to say that Ranch 99 sells pig blood by the pint.  The man mentioned that he was a biology teacher and that is how he gets the animal parts and blood for his class. So, off I went to Ranch 99.  Sure enough they have pig blood.

This two minute video gives you a glimpse of what class time is like.  Lest you think we have perfect children, check out the last few seconds.


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