Monday, July 30, 2012

Chem Lab Camp Day 5

Continuation from Chem Lab Camp Day 1, Chem Lab Camp Day 2, Chem Lab Camp Day 3, Chem Lab Camp Day 4 and Lab Sciences. 

Day 5 was a fun day at our Do-It-Yourself Chemistry Lab Camp.  The kids got to create the rotten egg smell as part of section III of the CK01A Standard/Honors Home School Chemistry Laboratory Kit by Home Scientist LLC.

My daughter commented to me that the kids didn't get to talk much during lab that day because they were so busy counting the drops of chemicals for each step in the experiments. She was also happy that we kept the garage door open for ventilation.

While there are 14 sections in the kit, the first three are the most time intensive.  We have 4 more days left (20 hours) and we hope to complete the majority of the kit in that time. However, we haven't been rushing it.  We are focusing on quality not quantity of experiments.

We keep you posted as the week progresses.

For more info on our Chem Lab Camp see Day 6.

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