Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chem Lab Camp Day 3

Continuation from Chem Lab Camp Day 1, Chem Lab Camp Day 2, and Lab Sciences.

We are still blowing fuses.  Today, we ended up running one extension cord into the kitchen (with the kitchen lights off) and another outside to the outlet for our electric lawn mower.

We leave the garage door open some of the class time and are getting a little attention from people passing by. My neighbor told me that a squad car cruised past our house a couple of times checking us out.   I got to thinking that we kind of do look like a meth lab. ;)

Things are going so well that we are thinking ahead for next year.  Most of the students in our little camp will be studying physiology/anatomy next year.  We hope to find an equally good lab program for that.

Next: Chem Lab Camp Day 4.

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