Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Some of our best posts from April 2006

Janine and I have been blogging about homeschooling for over five years now. If you missed some of our early posts, you have missed some of our best thoughts. Here are some highlights from April 2006:

In Education, as business, what gets rewarded gets done examines some reasons for why there is little improvement in public education.

For awhile I was interviewing people.  I think Interview: Judy Aron - Director of Research at NHELD was my first.

Book review: A Son of Thunder by Henry Mayer is a book review of a biography of one of my favorite founding fathers: Patrick Henry.

Another reason to homeschool: Interesting Report on Educator Sexual Misconduct

You can also read about our trip to Washington DC:  Our arrival, Day 1, Day 2 part 1, Day 2 part 2, Williamsburg, Days 3 to 5 and Days 6 & 7.

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