Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Day in Williamsburg

We had a great day in Colonial Williamsburg.

I don't know if Henry has mentioned the problem with the computer at the hotel. They have a very aggressive porn filter. As a result of my Educator S**** Misconduct post, we can't look at our blog at all. Henry has found a way to look at individual posts but not the whole blog, and only posts that make it past the filter. I'm afraid if I use the full name of the "Educator" post, I wouldn't be able to post it or look at either. So if you've posted any comments on our blog recently, chances are we haven't seen them.

Even with all this trouble, I'm glad the hotel has taken such a hard stand agents viewing porn on their computers.

We get home tomorrow late. We had fun, but are very tired. I think Henry is going through BLOG withdrawal. The kids held up pretty well, but are glad to go home. We've not done very well keeping track of our "stuff." So far we have lost a pink striped long sleave shirt, a yellow pollo shirt, and two teal blue windbreakers. It just makes me nuts that I can't figure out how we lost them. I would think that someone stole them out of our hotel room, but the computer and DVD player weren't touched. It's like some little gremlin took them in the middle of the night.

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