Friday, February 05, 2010

Oh no, not again

The two little foster girls who we brought home last night are very sweet kids, but it is a bit stressful because the children are so traumatized by the sudden separation from family.

It is also very traumatic for me since our last foster child gave us all lice the previous year. This is the first foster placement we have had since "the incident which shall not be mentioned."

First thing in the morning I brushed the girls' hair very carefully looking for nits. The Children's Shelter has a reputation for not checking carefully enough for lice. Sure enough, I found nits on both girls. Let's just say that it made a stressful situation a bit more stressful. I am very proud of myself for neither screaming nor fainting, though I did feel a bit nauseous and lightheaded after I found the second nit.

Because of what happened last time, from the very start we were careful and bagged their clothing and stored each family members combs and brushes in a separate zip lock bag.

Hopefully we are ahead of the curve this time.

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