Thursday, February 04, 2010

Our world just changed

Folster care parents are required to take classes. Janine and I are suppose to take 21 hours a year of classes. We often attend a monthly class called "Therapeutic Interventions." Today about 7:50 PM during class Janine got a phone call asking if we could take two sisters, ages 2 and 4.

Now we have five girls and Baby Bop.

We won't know for awhile just how long the girls will stay with us. If the social workers can find extended family then the girls could be out of here by Saturday. Otherwise they might stay longer.

Baby Bop is pretty excited to have other little children here.

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Mrs. C said...

WOW, that is exciting! I'm guessing your therapeutic interventions is the same as "respite care?" You borrow the children for a weekend or week and give them back?

Janine Cate said...

The therapeutic interventions class is like group therapy. Foster parents sit and talk about what is going on with a therapist directing the conversations.

We just happened to be at class when we got the call on my cell phone from the children's shelter.

Mrs. C said...

Ohhh... sort of like a 12 step group where you share your "stuff" with other parents and it's confidential. Reading your most recent post, you need a place like that!!