Monday, February 22, 2010

Homeschooling highlights from November 2005

Janine and I have been blogging about homeschooling for four years now. If you missed some of our early posts, you have missed some of our best thoughts. Here are some highlights from November of 2005:

Janine tells one of our favorite stories, a story that we have told many of our friends, how our little children were exposed to Homer’s Odyssey.

With School would have ruined that kid! Janine explains one of the reasons why we are so grateful for homeschooling.

Many homeschooling parents know this: homeschooling allows parents to Stack the Deck in their favor, and in favor of their children.

Janine wrote about one of her typical Unschool Days.

Finally Janine gives advice on how parents can determine if Homeschooling is right for you.

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