Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Hazards of Sugar

On Facebook awhile back my brother shared this link:

Dr. Robert Lustig makes a convincing argument that our society is eating way too much sugar. He says that our society weighs 25 pounds more than it did a twenty five years ago. Obesity has gotten to the point that we even have obese 6-month olds.

I'll stop eating so much sugar. (As much as I love brownies.)

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lifeisagift said...

People do eat way to much sugar and are way fatter then they need to be. One soda is about 25 grams of sugar and you know what one yoplay yogurt has as much sugar as one soda!

I try to keep sugar to a min, when my six year old has sugar he acts so bad it really affects his mind.

Also people are eating way to much artificial sugar which is not any better it is bad we need to focus on fresh plant based foods the only sugar we should consume is from a fresh whole fruit.

I like to bake and when I do I always cut the sugar in the recipe at least by half or I use recipes that require pure maple syrup or honey instead of refined sugar.

Thanks for the info!

Henry Cate said...

One of the interesting points in the video is that the size of the soft drinks keeps getting bigger. Initially sodas came in 6.5 oz sizes, now we have something like 44 oz sizes!