Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Interesting new way to block spambots

Captcha systems typically show one or more words in a picture with lines or shapes across the words to block simple pattern recognization software from parsing the image. This blocks vicious computer programs from sending in unwanted requests to a website.

But computer programs are getting better and they are more successful in figuring out the words.

"Emergent" Images to Outwit Spambots is about a new process which may be used to replace simple Captcha:

Researchers have developed an automated system for creating still and video images that can be identified by humans but not by computers. Such technology could be useful for Captcha systems, which were designed to keep "spambots"--or automated junk e-mail programs--from signing up for free online accounts.
The new technology uses simple images of a recognizable, moving figure, such as a running man or galloping horse, and converts them into blotches, hidden within a similarly blotchy scene. Computers are usually unable to detect the figure, but the human eye typically can.


The video is pretty cool.

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