Thursday, September 14, 2006

Searches which led to our blog - part 3

Sitemeter tries to record the referring URL which led a reader to our blog. As I've mentioned before this can sometimes be very interesting. Below are some of the unusual Search Engine results which brought readers to Why Homeschool:

A couple days ago for tami's beauty shop in long beach california Google put us about number 30. I'm pretty sure this was largely influence by our links to Tami's Blog. Interestingly enough Spunky was number one.

I've noticed that we get a search on the importance of math once or twice a day. We're often in the top ten. Google takes the reader to our post on how knowing the Taylor series saved a person's life during the Russian revolution.

It appeared a parent was looking for advice on how to help their child run for class president in
why i would like to be class president of 4th grade. Yahoo! took them to our main page, but the reader didn't stay very long.

And for why did henry the 8th make the english church ? Yahoo! also directed a reader to our blog. We were sixth in the listing for Yahoo! When I was about six I first heard the song I'm Henery the eighth and I thought the kids were singing about me, and mocking me, I was really mad until I learned it was a song by Herman's Hermits.

As search on Google for ancient-egypt weather-map led to Janine's Reasons to Avoid Government Schools - Part 2 on how textbooks are badly written. I wonder what the reader thought.

I'm not sure if the person searching for middle ages gender matters was interested in the Europe in the 1500s or in what happens as people grow older. My wife thinks it is Europe in the 1500s. Either way I think they were suprised when they started reading Janine's Why Gender Matters in Education.

I hadn't realized that Google had a translate option. Sitemeter said that someone had been reading our blog in German. Pretty cool.

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NerdMom said...

I know how weird the Google searches are. But they are great for traffic. I get about 15 searches every week on different receipes I have posted.

Margaret said...

I get quite a few visitors searching for "kid's metaphor." Guess there aren't a lot of good kid-friendly definitions for metaphor out there.