Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Selections from Joanne Jacobs - 12 Sep 06

Joanne Jacobs does a great job of staying on top of education issues in public schools and on to colleges and universities. I'll mention some of her recent posts that I found interesting.

In Online tutors Joanne writes about a new growth industry in education - getting help online. She writes "Some are costly: Tutor.com will charge home users $30 an hour; GrowingStars.com, which uses tutors based in India, charges about $25 an hour." I wonder if any homeschooling teenagers have thought about starting up a business to help other students. Or they could contact one of the companies listed in Joanne's post.

In Parity Joanne links to an article on recent court ruling that Maryland has to provide the same per-pupil funding for charter schools as they give to regular public schools. It had been under $6,000 a year for students in charter schools vs. around $11,000 for public traditional public schools.

The article, Charter schools ruling worries city board, shows how public school administrators think: "After meeting in executive session, the Baltimore school board issued a vaguely worded statement Tuesday night saying it remains a strong supporter of charter schools but believes a recent court ruling requiring additional funding for charters would hurt regular schools." They are not worried about the children, but about the schools. They want the regular schools to survive. Parents who send their children to charter schools do so because they think the children will get a better education.

This could make a huge difference in the success of charter schools. It will be interesting to see if this is the start of a trend.

In New tech, same old curriculum Joanne reports that a A Microsoft-designed School of the Future has cool new technology, but many of the same basic problems as all public schools. (Insert lame joke about Microsoft here.)

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