Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Carnival of Homeschooling – Eliza Doolittle Day

One of my favorite musicals is My Fair Lady.  It is a beautiful story about a young girl who undergoes an almost magical transformation going from a street gutter snipe to a lady of culture.  Eliza Doolittle happens to overhear Professor Henry Higgins claim he could pass her off as a princess and decides to hire him.  Professor Higgins is a very capable man, but self-centered, obnoxious and oblivious to others. 

As My Fair Lady progresses Eliza is very frustrated by how Higgins treats and mistreats her.  She sings a song where she starts off saying “Just you wait enry iggins, just you wait.”  As her dream of revenge continue she sings:

One evening the king will say: 
"Oh, Liza, old thing, 
I want all of England your praises to sing.
Next week on the twentieth of May 
I proclaim Liza Doolittle Day! 

Today is the 20th of May, Liza Doolittle Day!

I greatly enjoy My Fair Lady.  In many ways as parents we are attempting to do the same task Henry Higgins accomplished, that of helping our children reach their full potential.  Though I’m sure all of our readers are a lot kinder and more understanding that Professor Higgins.

Carnival of Homeschooling

Here are these week's entries to the Carnival of Homeschooling:

In Summer Slide – The Big Myth Bon suggest that maybe there isn't really a summer slide, but authentic learning happens creating a summer climb, from MathFour.com.

In Plagarism Update The Thinking Mother shares her thoughts and experience in the struggle of teaching our children to give credit where it is due.

Barbara explores some interesting thoughts in Is Homeschooling Better for Introverts Than Group Education?  This is the first of a series of posts that look at introverted children, how group education can hurt them, and how homeschooling can help them.  Posted at Barbara Frank Online.

CT shares her Summer 2014 Plans, posted at Petticoat Government.  With a baby just around the corner her plans for this summer are different from her normal approach.

In addition to academics there are a host of other important topics parents teach their children.  Mrs. White enlightens us with Nobody Wants to Clean a Messy House, posted at The Legacy of Home.

Finding Your Child's Place with Math reminds us can help homeschooling Moms/Dads who struggle with how to find their child's place in math with the right curriculum. Shared insights into how we worked our way through that struggle to loving math.  Posted at Solagratiamom.

Christy tells us how to Make a Toad Abode.  This can be a fun summer activity for your children that helps control pests in your garden.  Posted at Eclectic Momma.

Listen to them and let them speak reminds us of the importance of treating our children well.  Posted at Notes from a Homeschooled Mom.

This is pretty amazing.  Annie Kate tell us how to Measure the Speed of Light with Chocolate.  Posted at Tea Time With Annie Kate.

In Kids hate homeschooling? Well, you told them to! Susan reminds us that through our words and actions, we sometimes tell our kids that learning is too hard and homeschooling may actually be a bad idea.  Posted at At Home & School.

With 10 Top Reasons to Homeschool Vicki shares a lighthearted-but-true collection of the 10 top reasons we homeschool our kids.  Posted at 7sistershomeschool.com.

Celeste writes about her plans for Summer School.  She plans to relax the academics some and explore other topics.  Posted at Joyous Lessons.

How can we teach our students to solve complex, multi-step story problems? Try Singapore Math style bar model diagrams. Let’s play around with a middle-school/junior high word problem, posted at Let's Play Math!

What an adventure: Next time I say that traveling with kids is a good idea just smack me.  A family of 9 set out on the ultimate homeschool field trip: An open-ended RV trip across the USA. "Most days, we think that downsizing our lives and reprioritizing our time seems perfectly logical. Then there are the other days where we wonder—for a moment—how we got into this mess."  Posted at Learning Across America.

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Carnival of Homeschooling


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