Thursday, September 12, 2013

Some of our best posts from February 2008

Janine and I have been blogging about homeschooling for almost eight years. If you missed some of our early posts, you have missed some of our best thoughts. Here are some highlights from February 2008:

I wrote a book review of The Surprising Power of Family Meals: How Eating Together Makes Us Smarter, Stronger, Healthier, and Happier by Miriam Weinstein.  This was one of the most surprising thing to me from the book:  "Family meals are eight times more helpful in teaching children vocabulary than reading to children."

I shared 14 ways to increase traffic to your blog.

I had some thoughts about Planning, Covey, and Cat's in the cradle.

You might enjoy A way to dramatically improve the learning process.

Janine has a great post about opting out of the current public school system in Then what would we do?

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