Monday, June 03, 2013

Homeschool co-op over the years

Hi, oldest daughter here.

One of the things that we have done as homeschoolers is put together a homeschool co-op. This homeschool co-op has gone through several incarnations.

Our first co-op was held at the in-law suite in the back of one of the member’s house. Here we did chess, theater, IEW writing projects and science projects. Then the owner of the house moved away. Since then we have moved through several different venues. 

We held co-op at a local park community center, a church and a garage. We continued to have chess, theater, IEW writing projects, and science projects. We have also added book club, choir, and Lego Mindstorms.

We then moved to another church were we held co-op for several years. At this church we had art class, both appreciation and drawing, gym class, choir, chess, Lego Mindstorms, theater and book club.

Last year for theater the co-op did a production of Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors. It was lots of fun because an actual drama teacher Mom knew from Church came and helped us. She helped a lot and it turned out rather well.

This year I was not able to participate because of school and work. But the co-op did a collection of skits and songs.  Among the highlights were the boys rendition of ‘Sherri’ by the Four Seasons and two girls reenactment of Vizzini’s death scene from the Princess Bride.

Co-op has been really fun and very rewarding.

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