Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Spunky on Common Core

Spunky starts Meet David Coleman with:

To understand Common Core State Standards and their guiding philosophy, I'd like to introduce you to David Coleman.

David Coleman, is the "lead architect" of Common Core State Standards. Coleman also began the non-profit Student Achievement Partners and developed the site AchieveTheCore to "guide" publishers in ways to shift their materials to meet the new standards. Coleman also took on the position as the head of SAT. So we have the same person spearheading up standards, curriculum, and test. With an $18 Million grant from GE Foundation, Coleman is well-funded and ready to transform our educational system to create workers for a global economy.

Learn who David Coleman is and you'll understand a lot about the Common Core.

To learn more about David Coleman, go read Spunky's post.

I'm so glad we homeschool and our children aren't subject to this kind of manipulation.

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