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Panel Discussion: World Space Programs & Projects. The US is far from the only player. What's going on in the rest of the world? Clark Lindsey, Doug Messier

Panel Discussion: World Space Programs & Projects. The US is far from the only player. What's going on in the rest of the world? Clark Lindsey, Doug Messier

Clark is going to review some of the new space activity outside the United States.


Thin Red Line - builds inflatable.

MDA - built the robotic arm on the shuttle.  Worked on refueling satellites.  They had a deal with Intelsat, but the deal was canceled.  MDA bought Space System Loral, which should allow them to have more opportunities in the US.


United Kingdom:  Virgin Galactic - They have a contracted with Scaled Composites to build WK2/SS2.  Virgin Galactic now owns The Spaceship Company.

Swiss: Swiss Space Systems - A jet takes their shuttle up and launch in the air.  They are looking at a first launch in 2017.  They are planning on a $10 Million per launch.

Europe - Reaction Engines - SABRE, planning to take 15 tons to 300 km orbit, single stage, expecting 200 flights, goal of about $1,000 per kg to orbit.  They have been able to attract lots of private investment.  Once they get their prototype built then they would do a Skylon development with a price tag of around $20 billion.

Europe - Arianespace, their plan A, assume SpaceX will fail.  There was no Plan B.  SpaceX has been making multiple commercial satellite deals.  Plan B now consists of repeating the word "reliability" over and over and avoiding the word "price."  If Falcon 9 v1.1 provides to be reliable, Arianespace won't be saved by Arine 5 (Mid-Life Evolution) or Ariane 6.

Some other Europe projects

United Kingdom - Bristol Spaceplans - seems inactive

Project Enterprise - a small Lynx-like rocketplane, seems active

United Kingdom - SpaceFleet EARL, attracting investors

United Kingdom - Tranquility - reusable engine - still active

Spaceport Sweden -

Doug took over, he'll talk about the rest of the world.


Angara - been in development since 1995, a modular vehicle, going from light to heavy, first flight around October / November 2013.

Soyuz 2.1v - domestic flights

Vostochny - major construction underway, first launch in 2015

Baokonur - Kazahkstan wants to renegotiate lease, it is basically a Russian city, they may pull out in 2021.

Orbital Technologies Commercial Space Station, announced 2010, no funding identified, no recent news

Space Adventures Circum-lunar Trip - announced years ago, one passenger signed, test flight needed, no recent news

Russia leads the world in launches, but little new work.  They have reorganized the entire space sector.  It is currently operating at 30% to 40% capacity.  There has been some talk of consolidation.  1 in 5 rubles lost through waste, fraud, salaries are low, many of the workers have left


Only two commercial launches last year, they are looking at a ISS-style space station in 2020

Cooperation with the US is blocked by Congress, there has been some cooperation with Europe


They have been moving slowly, only 7 launches in 12 years, PSLV is their only reliable launch vehicle, has 2.5 metric tons to GTO.  The GSLV-II is highly unreliable.  The GSLV-III is under development, a larger rocket, 10 tons to LEO.  The human spaceflight program is on hold


They have a joint program with the Ukrainian.  First launch has been delayed to 2015.  They have some rocket under development, not clear if the Brazilian government will follow through on their promises for funding.

South Korean

Have a Naro-1 project completed, successful launch in January, the first stage was based on the Russian Angara, currently have plans for a 1.5 metric tons to LEO by 2021.

The full agenda for Space Access 2013 agenda.

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