Saturday, April 13, 2013

FAA AST/Michelle Murray

FAA AST/Michelle Murray

Henry Vanderbilt introduced Michelle by saying if you wanted to do commercial launches you need to talk with Michelle.

Michelle showed a video.

Anyone who wants to launch in the US, or any US citizen who wants to launch anywhere in the world needs a license from the FAA.  You also need a license if you want to operate a launch site.

Michelle showed the AST organization chart.

The AST-500 is the Operations Integration Division is "your local" AST office.  They have staff in DC, CA, FL, TX, VA & soon in NM.  They have a pre-application consultation.  Michelle encouraged people to come to them as soon as possible.

Once the application is done there are five areas they review: Policy, Payload, Financial Responsibility, Environmental and Safety.

Michelle went over various types of license.

She went through the licensed launch locations.

They have a suborbital forecast which ranges from 255 to 1592 flights /year in about ten years.

She encouraged the audience to check out the Annual Compendium Commercial Space Transport 2012.

The full agenda for Space Access 2013 agenda.

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