Thursday, April 11, 2013

John Burgener - Massive Earth Impacts: Some Anomalies In The Record

John Burgener - Massive Earth Impacts: Some Anomalies In The Record

John proposes that earth gets hit by large asteroids or comets more often than once every couple million years.  He talked about how the ice age ended suddenly.  Maybe the extinction of many animals was due to an ice comet.  The many circular lakes in the south east part of the United States might have been caused by a large number of small falling objects.  A oval lake shows the direction of the falling object.

He shows how the Black Sea could have been caused by two large objects, one many years after the other.  The Black Sea originally was 15,000 feet deep, much deeper than the deep trenches in the ocean.  He showed several other places where we have 23.4 degree ovals.

He showed dozens and dozens of possible craters.  This indicates that the earth may get hit very often.

He showed an image of craters on the moon.  Then he said that there are similar patterns in the Amazon Basin.  He thinks the Amazon Basin for formed by a large impact about 100 to 65 million years ago.

A Michael Baillie studies tree rings.  When there are small or no tree rings there seems to be some correlation to civilizations falling apart.  He went into detail about a possible impact into the ground to the west of Egypt.  A large impact might have trigger a volcano in the Mediterranean.

John concluded by said we need rockets to survive.

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