Monday, February 25, 2013

Homeschoolers Worldwide

Homeschoolers Worldwide Join Forces is a nice article about, well, homeschooling worldwide.

The article reports that in general Educational Freedom is increasing for parents in most countries, for example:

It was not all bad news, however. More than a few experts said the global trends were encouraging. Even countries ruled by governments that are not famous for their sterling human rights records put Sweden and Germany to shame by comparison on homeschooling, which analysts said was a positive sign that the tide was turning in favor of educational freedom.

In Russia, for example, homeschooling is completely legal under federal law, which explicitly guarantees the freedom of parents to educate their children at home anywhere in the country. The movement is also growing throughout Russia, with estimates suggesting that many tens of thousands of families are already exercising their rights, possibly more.

Meanwhile, in South Africa, which has endured more than its fair share of tyranny as well, homeschooling is also legally protected and expanding. “There are problems, but in actual fact, South African homeschoolers operate quite freely, on the whole, and the numbers are growing all the time,” said Leendert van Oostrum, president of a prominent South African homeschooling defense fund.

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Rach J DeBruin said...

Interesting...I was surprised to hear that Russia and South Africa allow homeschooling, while two European countries do not.