Monday, January 14, 2013

How one homeschooler spends her Christmas vacation

My daughter writes:

Vacation traditionally is fun, easy and full of day trips.

Instead this homeschooler has been doing yard work, filing, babysitting, and learn to cook with her vacations.

During my winter break I have done some work in our back yard. I’ve been trying to kill the weird fern/bush in our side yard that mom is allergic too, picking oranges, and cutting back the ivy that comes over the back fence. And it’s cold. On the plus side it’s a great upper body work out.

I have also spent a good portion of my vacation doing office work, both at work and at home. My dad pays me to shred old receipts. This means that when I want to shred I have to smooth them flat and layer them so that the stack is thick enough to trigger the shredder.

Also filing for a small business is something I’ve never done before and it’s very important, small mistakes could cause big problems. So it’s very nerve racking. I double check and triple check my work.

Because I am home during the day, Mom has taken to leaving one of the little ones with me while she runs errands. I love them but I never have this much trouble when I babysit for other families, which I have been doing during my vacation. It’s actually how I rung in the New Year. Earning money! Yeah!

My sister, who gets up to go to early morning seminary, and I share a room. So I wake up early and have trouble going back to sleep. To keep busy in the early morning I have taken to cooking breakfast. Unfortunately I really don’t know where things are. So I end up waking Mom up to ask where baking powder is or whatever.

But vacation has been fun though not really easy.


kole said...

You've got quite the writer on your hands.

jessica said...

What kinds of breakfast foods have you been making? I love breakfast foods! Let us know when you find a way to kill the fern. :)

Henry Cate said...

Kole - thanks.

Jessica - we do pretty traditional breakfast foods like pancakes, waffles and so on.

I think eventually we'll need to dig up the roots to kill the fern. We'll probably get around to it some day. :-)