Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Glenn Reynolds' column: How homeschooling threatens monopoly education

I liked Glenn (Instapundit) Reynolds' colum: How homeschooling threatens monopoly education.


Fatcat said...

But don't you get tired of people of faith being described as "scary"?

Kathleen w said...

I ditto that. We are very faith oriented but we did not begin schooling at home for religious reasons. Even if we did, what exactly is so scary about us teaching our nine kids at home? They are well ahead of heir peers, well socialized, well adjusted, happy productive members of society. We have one graduated who has a successful business and Another who is graduating this year who has self taught herself to write code and been running a well paid successful web design business for three years. Oh and they managed to do all that without the threat of being shot at or falling into drug use or promiscuity. I ask again what is scary about that?