Monday, January 21, 2013

A down side to homeschooling

The flu is hitting many of our friends.  It entered our house about six weeks ago.  Our son was sick and miserable for a couple weeks.  Then our second daughter caught the bug.  And now a foster-care-boy who has been with us for two months finally came down with the bug.

This may be the only down side to homeschooling.  When our children get sick we generally don't let them relax on their school work. 


Happy Elf Mom said...

What mean parents! But I do this, too! Ha ha ha!

Unless the kiddo is actively vomiting or has a fever over 102, most of the reason they keep kids home from school is so that they don't transmit their germs to OTHER kids and staff. Aren't you glad you homeschool so you can be exposed to the cooties all day?

ChristineMM said...

Wow you are tough. How about making them rest under blankets watching documentaries on live TV or on DVD or VHS from the public library or Netflix?

Hope they feel better.

Shirley said...

I'm with ya! lol. We often school through sickness. My poor kids are going to hate me when they realize that's not "normal" :)
Although, we do tend to take it a little easier...yesterday school consisted of 3 educational videos from the library and 5 chapters read aloud from Little House in the Big Woods.