Friday, November 02, 2012

Susan Wise Bauer won't be speaking at homeschooling conferences anymore

Janine and I typically attend one homeschooling conference each year.  We don't follow the homeschooling conference world very closely.  Susan Wise Bauer was the top speaker at one of the first conferences we attended.  She gave a wonderful seminar and we still have the cassette tape recordings of her presentation.

Home-schooling pioneer Susan Wise Bauer is well-versed in controversy reveals that Susan has gotten grief and decided to stop speaking at homeschooling conventions.  It is too bad.  I have a lot of respect for Susan.  Her book The Well Trained Mind was one of the first homeschooling books we read. 

If you haven't read her typical days, check out: 1998, 1999,2000, and 2004.

I wish her well in her future endeavors.


Susan Wise Bauer said...

I'm just taking off 2013, Henry. Not sure what will happen after that, but I'm curious to see how the convention scene shakes itself out over the next year!

And also I'm not giving up writing--the article was a little misleading on that point! Just trying to decide what to write next!

Susan Ryan said...

Hopefully it shakes itself out in a productive and positive way. I haven't heard Susan Bauer speak at conferences, but my friends that did truly appreciated her mentoring.
I wish her and her family well.
I blogged about it on Home Ed Mag's News & Commentary.