Friday, November 02, 2012

Study finds homeschoolers are Happier, Better-Adjusted in College

Isabel Lyman used to blog extensively about homeschooling at The Homeschool Revolution.  She also wrote a book with the same title.  In 2007 she moved on. 

Yesterday she wrote an article about homeschoolers.  Study: Homeschoolers Happier, Better-Adjusted in College starts with:

The nation’s approximately two million homeschoolers, whom others frequently scrutinize and even stigmatize as socially inept, are better emotionally adjusted in college than their non-homeschooled peers, a new study concludes.

A peer-reviewed study titled “The Impact of Homeschooling on the Adjustment of College Students,” by Cynthia K. Drenovsky, a sociology professor at Shippensburg University, and Isaiah Cohen, compared the self-esteem and depression of conventionally-schooled college students to college students who had a homeschooling background.

Later the article shares:

Drenovsky and Cohen concluded homeschoolers “do not exhibit any significant differences in self-esteem, and they experience significantly lower levels of depression than those with no homeschooling.”

The study had a small sample size.  It would be interesting to have another study with a larger sample.


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