Monday, October 01, 2012

Impressions from a sick day

I caught the bug and stayed home sick today.  Normally I’ll head off to work a little after nine in the morning and return a little after six in the evening.   I’ll get summaries and brief mentions of the daily events.  Today was different, as I could see how the homeschooling is happening, instead of hearing about it second hand.

I noticed a few things:

The house can be very chaotic.  Much of this is due to my six-year-old son.  Our younger two daughters are pretty good about settling down and focusing on their school work.  The two of them are taking a distance learning course.  This year some of the classes are live.  In the past the teacher was recorded as they taught a local class, and then the distance learners would watch recording.  The school is trying something different this year.  Now the distance learners can watch the class live.  One good thing about this is the distance students can type questions if something comes up in the lesson they don’t understand.

At times it seemed bit quieter at our home than last year.  With our oldest daughter off at the local junior colleges from about 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM every day.  And today she didn't home until five because she has a weekly cleaning job on Monday afternoons.   Around ten this morning my son settled down to listen to Boxcar Children.  I think he has listened to it a dozen times in the last month.  He pushed a couple kitchen chairs over to the couch and built a small fort out of blankets.

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Such a bad day. You'get over with it.