Monday, May 14, 2012

Homeschooling will change for us this fall

Our oldest daughter will be graduating from homeschooling in the next couple weeks.  She has been taking classes at the local junior colleges and will start full time this fall.  She is excited to start.  And I think she is well prepared.  She has been doing just fine in the classes she's taken so far.

It will be a bit weird for me.  Ever since she "started" kindergarten we have been homeschooling her.  The current plan is she'll live at home for the next year or two.  She isn't gone yet, but she is taking her first steps to moving on with her life.  I'm already missing her.

But the bigger change this fall is we'll start homeschooling our son. 

Our long time readers know that Baby Bop joined our home over four years ago as a foster care placement.  It was supposed to be short term.  For over a year it was supposed to be short term.  Then two years ago we were able to adopt him.  Now this fall we'll be officially homeschooling him.

It is a bit weird to be starting over, after all this time. 

He seems ready.  Recently he has started asking for his school work.  He is excited to start.  He likes to write his name. 

I'm looking forward to the next chapter in our homeschooling adventure.

3 comments: said...

I have followed your blog off and on for a while. My wife and I decided we'd give preschool a trial run for homeschooling. ( you can read about it on my blog) I am sure you have blogged about it..... but I'd be curious to know why you guys started to homeschool?

Ahermitt said...

I am graduating one this year too... and one next year. If I could start with a new one, I would probably do things very different... much more relaxed.

Do you think you are going to do things the same or different?

Henry Cate said...

justyns - One of our first reasons was so that our children could retain their love for learning.

Andrea - We'll do things different. Like you I think we'll be much more relaxed.