Monday, March 12, 2012

Nice review of "Stop Stealing Dreams" with a homeschooling mention

Penelope Trunk has a thoughtful review of Seth Godin's new book, Stop Stealing Dream.

Homeschooling is mentioned.


Dual Role Grandma said...

Not to be nasty, but I've never liked Seth Godin's books. This idea that public school will somehow be more efficient than homeschooling- ludicrous.

Anonymous said...

That isn't what he said...reread what he wrote.

Building Better Kids said...

It is a bit of a long read but if nothing else, it's inspiring to us a homeschoolers that WE are on the cutting edge of the future of education.

Thom said...

Homeschooling is such a small part of this work, only one short section (121). Within that section he doesn't comment on efficiency or say anything resembling homeschooling being cutting edge.

He does claim that homeschooling isn't a realistic choice for most parents. He also worries about amateurs (parent-teachers) making novice mistakes that experienced teachers will outgrow.

The only thing that irks the homeschooling fans is the final paragraph which draws out the possibility of parents sheltering their kids. IF a parent is homeschooling based on irrational fears, the child will suffer despite the nobel intentions.

There is tremendous value in experiencing different teachers through school. These days that may be where most of the value is.

@Building Better Kids-When did a 98 page book become a "long read"? The section on homeschooling was only half a page.