Monday, March 12, 2012

Another benefit of homeschooling - getting paid while you study

I just asked my second daughter what she likes about homeschooling.  She thought for a minute and then said she loves to be paid to babysit, while she studies.

My two older daughters have become very well known among our friends for being available for babysitting during the day.  They can babysit five to ten hours a week!  One week my second daughter babysat over twenty hours.

It helps that they have a regular gig each Monday morning.  A friend of ours swings by at 8:30 AM and drops off her younger child for the morning and goes off to preschool with her older child.  The baby is nine months old.  My three daughters will take twenty minute turns playing with the baby until she falls asleep.  They are making good money, while they are studying.

Homeschooling is hard to beat for the flexibility.

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