Monday, January 16, 2012

We homeschool so the world will be comprehensible by our children

These last couple weeks I have been distracted by a local political issue.  I've spent hours and hours gathering signatures to put this issue on the ballot.

As I have gone door to door one of the things which has become clear to me is many people don't really understand the issues.  As we talk about the issue they cannot seem to connect cause and effect.  Some believe programs funded by the government are somehow free and without cost.

One of the reasons Janine and I homeschool is so our children are grounded in history.  They know how various programs in the past have worked and understand why, at least in part, the effects.  They understand basic economics and recognize the value of delayed gratification.

I don't want the world to be incomprehensible or unfathomable to our children.  Life is scary and confusing when things just "randomly" happen.  If both good and bad things just "happen" and someone doesn't understand why they happened, then life is an enigma.  It is baffling.

By homeschooling we are able to make sure our children have some understanding of cause and effect.  And maybe more important, they have an attitude of continuing to learn and to try to understand cause and effect to a greater degree. 

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