Thursday, January 12, 2012

Clever idea: looking for alien life on the moon

This is an interesting approach to looking for alien life: SETI to Scour the Moon For Alien Footprints.

Hat tip: Instapundit


Abercrombie said...

Bah.. Until we can develop a method to cheaply (notice I'm not saying safely as well), but cheaply escape from our gravity well, our time and money would be better spent trying to build undersea self-reliant habitats. While the lessons learned from achieving that may not transfer over perfectly to building habitats in a vacuum, at least we can learn the technology that will lead to advancements in usable form.

Kentucky Homeschooler said...

Seeing is believing. I can personally confirm seeing "something unidentified" flying over while a buddy and me fished a small farm pond in '96..

The Community Co-op said...

We did a fun statistical approach to determining whether alien life exists, starting with the famous Hubble Deep Field image. While the probability of those alien species reaching earth is astronomically low, we still had fun talking about it! Thanks for sharing.

The Community Co-op