Monday, May 16, 2011

Another reason why it is hard to fix public schools

To fix a broken system or organization you need to be able to have honest dialogue.  Too often teacher unions and those supporting public schools try to shut down any rational concerns about problems in government schools.  Kyle Olson shares an example of this in Indiana School Employee: Education Reform = Nazi Ovens.

Last week, my organization praised the Indiana lawmakers for passing some of the nation’s most significant education reforms. In one of Education Action Group’s weekly newsletters, we said that Indiana’s new voucher program and its decision to lift the cap on charter schools will transform the state’s public education system, to the benefit of all Hoosier families and students. (An EAGtv report that details Indiana’s education reforms can be found here.)

Later in his column he shares one of the attacks EAG has received:

The education agenda is a holocaust against our children. Please understand I am speaking as a grandson of a Holocaust survivor. This is truly as bad or worse than what was done to the Jewish people only it is happening to innocent young people. It is frightening to me.”

If any time someone expresses concern that public schools are doing a poor job, they get attacked like this, then government schools will just get worse and worse.


Eric H said...

I thought it was the Nazi ovens that were reformed by the Allies.

There's the NEA. Hiding in the oven. Firing duds.

Henry Cate said...

That was pretty intense.

I don't remember ever hearing about "The Big Red One." It looks pretty powerful.

I really wish the rank and file of teachers in the NEA and AFT would take back the unions. Most teachers I know are ptetty decent people. Most of what the union leaders do is pretty rotten.

Maybe the teachers can take a hint from the Tea Party and recognize that change, while hard, is possible.