Thursday, February 17, 2011

Are you spending more time on Facebook?

Facebook Gets a Short-Term Memory, to Keep You Commenting explains that a recent change by Facebook may lead to users spending more time on Facebook:

Facebook may be about to suck up even more of your time. Two weeks ago a feature rolled out that I'm told many users may not have noticed, but that is predicted to soon have them interacting with each other more on the the social network.
That feature was instantly updating comments, and it turns every piece of content on Facebook into an instant messaging chat room. Any time you add a comment to, say, a photo or status update it will now appear instantly in front of anyone else looking at that same page.

Currently I try to limit my use of Facebook to once a day.  I've limited my friends on Facebook to mostly family and a few close friends.  I aim for fifteen to thirty minutes each morning to keep up with recent events.

Have you found that you are spending more time on Facebook?


Sunnysideup said...

In the past week or so my husband and I have been discussing facebook and trying to figure out what it is that keeps us coming back for me. I hate things that suck me in and become an addiction to me so I have been focusing on extremely limiting my facebook time. This is just another one of those things that sucks you in before you even know what's happening. ;) Thanks for sharing!

Robert M. Lindsey said...

FB is ok, but I'm not that enthralled with it. People put the most mundane junk on there. Who cares that you're going to Wal-mart? I actually found it more interesting when I was off for a day and then checked it. A few interesting posts had built up.

Henry Cate said...

There are many great benefits to all the advances in technology.

But there is also a downside of having so many more time wasters. With Hulu and YouTube it is easy to spend days just watching video. Janine and I know a few friends who spend hours each day on Facebook.

I wonder if it takes more discipline today to be productive than a couple hundred years ago?