Thursday, February 17, 2011

Anyone seen "Agenda: Grinding America Down?"

Awhile back I came across Agenda: Grinding America Down.

The trailer is a fairly conservative call to action against the increase government domination of our lives.  At least part of the movie seems to be about public schools.

I'm always on the lookout for more movies about education and homeschooling.

Has anyone watched this movie?  Are the sections about government schools a large fraction of the movie?


Rose said...

We enjoyed it, a lot of good information. I bought a couple extra copies to have as loaners.

mmam5 said...

We saw it last night! Very informative, covers so many areas and all fact based, not emotionally based. Which is nice to see if you are tired of reading newspapers lately :)

It covers the public schools and how messed up they are on what/how they are teaching our children. They promoted Home Schooling as the best way to not brain wash the kids!

I highly recommend you try to see the movie and then show 3-10 more of your friends.