Monday, January 03, 2011

Playing "School"

We are long time homeschoolers, 10+ years. Our children have never been to school. So I find it intriguing to see my children playing "school." I suppose I could blame it on Harry Potter. They have all gone through the "Hogwarts" stage.

Our youngest daughter who is 10 years old is really into playing school. She will pretend to be the teacher and our 4 year old son will be her student. This morning, my youngest daughter even asked me to print out a school schedule. She then asked me every 5 minutes what time it was. After I responded, she would then turn to her brother and say, "Now it is snack time," or "Now it is play time," and so forth.

Our youngest daughter got out a chalk board and wrote the following rules for her brother (who by the way can't read).

School Time
1) Do what I say
2) No hitting
3) Share

I'm wondering if I leave them alone long enough, will she teach him to read? I sure hope so.


abba12 said...

My sister and I did very much the same thing as (homeschooled) children. I'm not quite sure why, or the facination. Perhaps it's a novelty?

Rose said...

My kids do "school on the porch" several times a week. They love it. I channel materials to them that my 17-yr-old uses to teach and they have a blast.

Carletta said...

My daughter does that, too. I guess to them it is the same as playing firefighters or restaurant or any other game. It is very cute, though.