Monday, January 03, 2011

I have finished the first pass for the Carnival of Homeschooling

My normal process for creating an edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling is to:

1) Review all the submissions and write short summaries
2) Arrange the summaries into the theme
3) Have everyone in the carnival to do a proof of the carnival
4) Then heavily promote the carnival

Step 1 takes the longest for me. I've spent close to fifteen hours over the last four days reading through the 47 entries. I want to make sure I understand the intent of the post, capture links to both the post and to the blog, and write up something reasonable.

I'm now stopping for dinner and then I'll jump into step 2.

In the past Janine and I have often been up till midnight pulling the carnival together. I think we might be able to wrap up step 2 by 10:00 PM tonight! Wish me luck.

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