Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In some ways this may be a good thing

Soon after Janine and I got married I bought the first Civilization game. It was a fun, challenging game. It really pushed the envelope for turn based strategy games. I have an addictive personality and could spend hours playing the game. At times I would binge and play way too much. When things got bad I'd hand the CD to Janine and take a break for a couple months.

I went through a similar sequence with Civlization II and Civilization IV. They were also fun and challenging. My daughters started playing them, for they are educational. :-) I'd binge at times. Again I would have Janine hide the CDs then take a break for a couple months.

I've been looking forward to the next installation in the series of Civilization games: Civilization 5! The game came out a couple weeks ago. My plan had been to buy it and wait until the Christmas break to bing for awhile.

Some of the first comments about the game were positive. But then I read posts at Sulla's Civ5 Page. He walks his readers through several games he played, along with his analysis. His conclusion is the game isn't playable yet. I have a lot of respect for Sulla. He play tested pre-release versions of Civ4 and helped improve the game. I greatly enjoyed his introduction. He also shared how he played several games.

So for now I'm going to hold off. I expect there will be a patch or a major upgrade down the road. If it looks good, I'll buy it then.

But for now I'm sure Janine is happy that I won't be buying the latest Civilization game. And that is a good thing.


abba12 said...

My husband loves civ 4. As much as I want to learn the game so I can play it with him, I have never been able to wrap my head around turn based games, they just don't click with me. The closest I've ever come to a real turn based game was the total war series, but even that is a much simpler layout and play than civ.

I don't think my husband likes the hexagons in civ 5 either :D

Luke said...

Not to feed the addiction, but have you seen Free Civ? My wife plays it from time to time when she wants to do something other than Sims, WoW or SecondLife [smile].


Henry Cate said...

abba12 - I think the hexagons might work out OK. I grew up playing board games with hexagons, games like France 1940.

Luke - I've played Free Civ. It is good. One thing I like about Civ 4, is when I've binged a bit and I gave the CD to my wife and take a break for awhile. :-)