Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Anyone tried to haggle over college tuition?

Don't Pay Sticker Price for College is an interesting post about how universities may dramatically lower their tuition if they want you.

Has anyone been successful in dramtically lowering the tuition for one of their children? Any tips?

(Hat tip: Instapundit)


Jean said...

No, but that would certainly be interesting.

Anonymous said...

If you're a homeschooler, why even haggle over tuition at a college who is just going to take the next 4 years of your child's life and $80,000 of your money to undo 18 years worth of the training and educating you've done at home? It makes no sense.

The values and ideologies on the college campus are diametrically opposed to the values we instill in our homeschooled children. Even at Christian colleges.

If you want a degree, go with somebody like CollegePlus! At least they will keep you out of debt and out of the college classroom and you can earn the same kind of degree that you would from a brick and mortar school.

Heidi said...

My husband negotiated his graduate school tuition. He was accepted to two schools and neither initially offered him money. The first school he asked for money (that we would have rather gone too) backed down and gave him some applications for campus jobs (due the next week!).

The second school said, "I can't make you any promises for next school year, you will have to find your own way (find a TA job or research assistant position)" but they gave him an assistantship with a full tuition scholarship and eligible for health insurance benefits. If he had just accepted his offer of admission and not asked, he could be spending tens of thousands of dollars for school this year and instead he is going for the measly price of some indentured servitude!

Obviously this is graduate school, which is different but it is an example nonetheless.

Crimson Wife said...

We appealed my DH's grad school financial aid package because they took into consideration the income I was earning from the job I held at the time but not the related costs such as daycare for our child, transportation, etc. We had to submit a ridiculous amount of documentation but it was worth the hassle since the school ended up increasing the grant portion by over $10k.