Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yet more reasons to homeschool, from the archives

Long ago, before Janine and I started blogging, I used to browse around the internet looking for reasons to homeschool. Earlier this year I've been working through some old email and came across some of the links I had saved, so I started posting some of the reasons to homeschool. (Posts 1, 2, 3)

Here are yet more from 2004:

Reason to homeschool: Because "Children taught at home tend to learn better, to be happier, to be more sociable, and to be more independent than those who are made to spend large amounts of time in school." as reported by Home-education in the UK.

Reason to homeschool: Because People should not be mass manufactured!

Reason to homeschool: Because public schools are not accountable to the parents. Joanne Jacobs explained that government schools are Unaccountable to parents.

Reason to homeschool: Because the teachers push to have the children labeled ADHD so the students will be medicated and less trouble.

Reason to homeschool: Because the schools want your children after school hours also. The officials say it is for the children, but the truth is it is about the money.

Reason to homeschool: Because some schools want to put chips in the children. The students will be easier to track if the Schoolchildren to be RFID-chipped.

Reason to homeschool: Because the school system won't teach the children english. N.Y.C.’s Bilingual Education: Still Crazy After All These Years explains that Latino parents want the schools to teach English, but the "we-know-better" educational establishment just blows them off.

Reason to homeschool: Because the teachers unions are so political. Political Activism Takes Center Stage with the NEA covers some of the ways the NEA tries to influence politics, in issues for beyond anything remotely related to education.

And if that is not enough, here are 53 Reasons To Homeschool.

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