Monday, April 19, 2010

More reasons to homeschool, from the archives

Long ago, before Janine and I started blogging, I used to browse around the internet looking for reasons to homeschool. Two months ago I've been working through some old email and came across some of the links I had saved, so I started posting some of the reasons to homeschool.

Here are some more from 2004:

Reason to homeschool: Because the politicians realize the public schools are bad. Here's an account where the politicians frankly discuss how they educate their children.

Reason to homeschool: Because private data may be made public. Closed schools left to vandals; books, equipment, and student records abandoned. Reread the last part: "student records abandoned!"

Reason to homeschool: Because students can graduate from high school and not know how to write. This account is from 2004, I'm sure it is worse now.

Reason to homeschool: Because the NEA doesn't want teachers to educate the students. This is a 32 page report on how the NEA disrubts the learning process.

Reason to homeschool: Because the schools are overlawyered. UK schools won't take children on field trips if there is an increase exposure to sun burns.

Reason to homeschool: Because the schools are a crazy environment. A UK boy was banned from taking sun cream to school. (Maybe he really wanted to go on a field trip.)

Reason to homeschool: Because teachers only teach the parts of history they want to teach. Fox News has made billions of dollars advertising themselves as Fair and Balanced. Unfortunately public schools haven't been able to make that claim for years.

Reason to homeschool: To protect your children. Rather than deal with difficult children many teachers want to just drug them.

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