Saturday, April 10, 2010

Space Access 2010 - Frontier Astronautics / Tim Bendel, Michael Carden

Frontier Astronautics has been around for five years. Orbital made him an offer and distracted him. He is now back on Frontier Astronautics full time. They are the guys with a missile silo.

They did a design for SpeedUp. He showed the design, and the where they did the test firing. They worked on the attitude control.

They have 16 patent on a 7000 pound thrust engine, the Viper Engine. Now that the patents were accepted they’ll be releasing information on it. It is a viable thrust engine.

They have a crane for moving stuff. You can drive right into the missile silo. All the walls are two feet of concrete, so pretty safe.

XL Space is in the area and produces hydrogen peroxide. They have recently increased their production capacity.

Tim says you can fly out of his site.

Wyoming currently has a $2 billion budget surplus. They are very business friendly. The state is paying for Tim to come down to the space conference.

They are twelve miles from Chugwater, WY. In the 2000 census they had 244 people, they are now down to 185. The town is very supportive of Frontier Astronautics.

Kristof Richmond is Tim’s brother-in-law. He was reporting on what a mission to Europa. To check out Europa will need to drill through ice. Kristof went down to the Antarctic to check out a lake that was frozen over. He talked about the robotic probe and flying down to the base. He showed some pictures and a video.

The full agenda for Space Access 2010, with links

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