Saturday, March 27, 2010

Homeschoolers in the News

A recent news article describe an accused child molester/killer as "home-schooled before moving to Florida."

What does that mean? His parents pulled him out of public school for a year? He was homeschooled his entire academic career? What?

I searched the news articles hoping to find more information about his homeschooling background. I was unable to find any more information than "home-schooled before moving to Florida."

I did, however, find more information about his childhood in which his upbringing is described as "bizarre." This article doesn't mention homeschooling at all. It does mention that when the accused was a young child, his older sister (who was 8 years old at the time) was married to their step-father. That kind of strikes me as a headline grabber.

I wish the media wouldn't hang the homeschool label on persons accused of heinous crimes without qualifying what that means.

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Rose said...

Yeah, you might think that an 8 year old "marrying" the step dad would be more of a headline grabber than the homeschool angle. But they probably think all 8 year old homeschoolers marry their stepdads. And wear denim jumpers.

Janine Cate said...

>But they probably think all 8 year old homeschoolers marry their stepdads. And wear denim jumpers.

...and don't know how to "socialize."


Arby said...

It does seem like the media attempts to smear homeschooling at any opportunity!

Sisterlisa said...

I think the media is just out to smear anyone no matter what. Crimes happen and they look for the reason about oh wait I know..Because they are NUTS that's why! If they hadn't found homeschooling in his past, what other thing would they have said was the 'cause'? People in other countries probably say because he was raised in America.

Married her step dad? oh ya that's right at the top of any homeschool syllabus! (sarcasm)