Thursday, December 03, 2009

Update on Lab on a chip

Last year I blogged about taking a daily blood test with our vitamins.

IBM's Move in Microfluidics is an update on this technology:

Researchers at IBM have demonstrated a novel "lab on a chip" that uses capillary action to create a potential one-step diagnostic tool, and which could ultimately test for a wide range of diseases and viruses.
The chip requires only a small drop of blood, which it draws through tiny channels within the device. The blood reacts with different disease markers to provide accurate diagnoses in about 15 minutes, says Emmanuel Delamarche, who codeveloped the device at IBM Zurich Research Laboratory in Switzerland.
A nice thing about the new chip is that it involves no moving parts, says IBM's Luc Gervais, who is also a researcher at the University Hospital Basel. Instead, it works using capillary action to filter blood and pump serum through its various chambers.


I hope they work out the bugs soon. This would be such a help. There are lots of medical conditions which are more successfully treated when they are caught early.

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