Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cheap, almost infinite computing

I find this interesting - Amazon Taking Bids for Computing Resources:

Amazon has launched a new product that offers up cloud computing possibilities in a model reminiscent of Google AdWords.
Spot Instances, it allows users to specify the price they want to pay for access to to resources in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. Users can set other parameters, too, such as the region where they'd like a job to run.
For its part, Amazon gives its unused resources a "spot price" which fluctuates based on how heavily its cloud is being used at a given time. When a user's bid exceeds the spot price, the job runs.


Just like the personal computer, the web browser, and Google opened up new opportunites, I think Cloud Computing will create new industries. I just wish I could figure out what one of them was going to be.

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Sebastian said...

I see nearly unlimited potential for fraud in cloud computing. I've been underwhelmed with the protections that companies have taken with information that they already have.
If you have a bridge you'd like to sell, swampland for development or money to move out of Nigeria, then there is a great opportunity for you.

Henry Cate said...

I agree there is great potential for fraud. My belief is there will be a market for large computational projects where the user isn't too worried about some of the data getting out.

The other side is computers keep getting faster and faster so that most of us rarely need the full use of our personal computers.