Tuesday, August 25, 2009

NHELD Bulletin on Voluntary Submission Of Information To The Government

The next time someone from the government asks you for information, the NHELD encourages to consider not giving it. Too often government bureaucrats ask for information that they don't have a legal basis in acquiring.

Voluntary Submission Of Information To The Government has eight reasons why we should be hesitant in giving personal data in the myriad of forms that float through our lives. The bulletin concludes with:

Most parents are good-hearted, honest, and have nothing to hide. Most parents, when asked, quite naturally would be inclined to be polite and forthcoming and provide whatever information anyone wants. This is truly a sign of the goodness and respectfulness of many parents. Everybody wants to be nice, and it’s important to be nice, even to the government when appropriate. Unfortunately, today’s parents must consider the need to protect all information about their children because that information be distributed far beyond our borders. Unfortunately, today, it’s probably wise for parents to be parents first, and to be nice to the government last.

Pretty much now any time a form asks for information, and says option, I don't give the information.

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mrs dani said...

First, I trust NO ONE with private information, no matter who they say they are with.

Whenever someone asks for information like that I say very nicely, "I am sorry, I do not give out private information like you are asking. There are are just too many crooks and crazy people out there." No one has ever really argued with that. If they insist I ask, "Why do you want to know?" When they answer, " How do I know you are telling the truth?" I then start repeating my self over and over with those questions and they normally get fustrated and give up.