Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I wonder how many Superintendents trust public schools with their children

An article on the new Sacramento school chief had:

Raymond pledged to visit each of the district's schools during the upcoming school year. He reaffirmed his commitment to live in the district and send his three children – ages 7, 6 and 2 – to district schools.
Raymond will be the first Sacramento City Unified superintendent in 20 years to send his children to district schools. He said his wife, Julie, has been house hunting in East Sacramento and Land Park.

I would love to know the percentage of school superintendents, union school officials, and legislators trust the public schools with their own children. I expect few do, which makes it hypocritical when they say homeschoolers should trust and support the public schools.

This reminded me of something we came across a couple years back: public school teachers are twice as likely as the general population to put their children in provide schools.

(Hat tip: Friends of Dave)

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Crimson Wife said...

The Heritage Foundation found that more than a third of U.S. Representatives and nearly half of all U.S. Senators send their own children to private schools. Only 11% of the overall U.S. student population attends private schools.

The last U.S. President to send his children to government-run schools was Jimmy Carter.

Anonymous said...
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Henry Cate said...

Crimson Wife - thanks for the information. I'm a bit surprised that the percentage of representatives and senators is that low. I would have guessed higher.